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April 21st, 2001

This page is all about my opinion and my personal experiences with American Express. Read them over and make up your own mind about those !@#$#@ @#$ !@#$@!~!@#$'s!

I worked for a company called Winstar, last Friday (the 13th of April, 2001) they cancelled all our Amex cards. I called finance to find out how I was supposed to pay for my upcoming business travel and was told that Amex would work with people travelling. I called Amex and was told that they would hold my card open for 10 days and allow $700 in charges to cover the hotel. I was very pleased to hear that they would be working with me on this.

So... I travel to Philly from SF and get to my hotel and the Amex card is turned down. I talked to the good people at Amex who said "we see the note on your account, but we will not honor it"!!! I talked to three separate supervisors and they all said the same thing... "even though the note is on the account, we will NOT honor the charge".

The first person I spoke with was Regina Blalock in the Greenborough office. She was tolerable, altho powerless to do anything to help me out. The second supervisor I spoke with was very similar.

The third supervisor I spoke with was Miss Polutz, and she was a complete and utter BITCH! She was completely disrespectful to me and basically told me that even though the note was on the account to honor the charge, it should not have been placed there and I'm not getting assistance from them. I explained to her that I had no options other than to sleep on the street in Philly, and the fucking bitch didn't care or attempt to make it better. Our conversation was recorded, so if you ever see this page you fucking bitch, PLEASE try to fuck with me for defamation or some shit... cause I'll supoena that tape to *prove* that you are a bitch!

If you people at Amex see this page and want it removed... you WILL make retribution for my experiences. .. because I've NEVER been treated as badly by ANY company in my entire life! And if you dare to come at me with anything less than 10 thousand dollars you will be wasting your time!

This page is from my own personal experiences with American Express, it is FACT, nothing is made up.
The comments about Miss Polutz are my personal opinions and are protected by the Constitution of the United States.
UPDATE: I just analyzed my server logs, this page hit 100,000 hits at 12:04 AM on May 07, 2002. Isn't it nice that Amex thinks this page doesn't get read. I get e-mail from people all the time telling me how much Amex sucks ass. I'm going to start posting it here, with permission of course. If you want to submit your horror story, Contact Me.

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